Fat is Your Friend

One of my main goals in life is to change the way we think about fat. It is such a common misconception that fat is bad and due to this conflicting information; we’ve cut out all sources of healthy fats in our diet. This has unfortunately led to an increase in health issues since our bodies now not only have an impaired ability to digest fats but also has led to a deficiency in fat soluble vitamins. Yes, you need fat in order to digest fat and you also need fat in order to absorb nutrients.

But the importance of fat does not just stop there; fats are the preferred source of energy for our bodies. Think of it like a campfire: carbohydrates are like the grasses and tiny sticks you use to spark the fire but the logs (being the fats) are what actually keep the fire burning over a longer period of time. Without fats, we are consuming foods that constantly spike our blood sugar levels for energy without having the steady source that maintains constant over time. Unfortunately, when you remove fat from a source, more than likely it has been replaced with processed ingredients and sugars.

Not all fats are created equal, though. Trans fats have been known to cause the clogging of arteries, type 2 diabetes, and other critical health issues. Trans fats are the fats that are most abundant in processed foods, fast food, and fried foods; essentially diets that are unnatural and unfamiliar to our bodies. Most studies that relate fat and heart disease do not differentiate between saturated fat and trans fat.

Saturated fat, on the other hand, is an excellent source of fat and can be found in a variety of foods such as meat, dairy, and oils.  Maple Hill Creamery has an incredible line of full-fat grass-fed dairy products that uses whole milk instead of reduced-fat so you can ensure there are no additives, thickeners, or sugars as a replacement. Full-fat dairy has been shown to help lower the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Additionally, research concluded that people who consume full-fat dairy have lower body weights (particularly belly fat or “central” obesity) and also have a lower risk of developing health issues like: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.



Animal fat is another great source of saturated fat. In fact, when cooking with animal fat, it actually slows down the absorption of food so that you feel more satiated meaning you feel fuller, longer. Fatworks has an amazing line of animal fats, all sourced from humanely raised animals plus they’re small batch and hand crafted to ensure premium quality. Cooking with animal fats also allows you to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K and they are also needed for mineral absorption and healthy hormone production.

Turmeric & Yogurt Braised Chicken

Turmeric & Yogurt Braised Chicken


I’ve altered a traditional recipe of Turmeric & Yogurt Braised Chicken to incorporate these healthy fats. This recipe typically calls for olive oil but I have replaced that with Fatworks Chicken Fat as well as used Maple Hill Creamery Grass-fed, full-fat Greek Yogurt. Oh and yes, and I added a little bone broth, of course! This savory recipe is the ultimate marriage of healthy fats plus the addition of broth and turmeric to help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Fats are incredibly important for optimal health. They are the building blocks for all cell membranes, essential for healthy hormone production, critical for the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E, and K, important in mineral absorption, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, help prevent cancer, essential for proper liver and gallbladder function, and they support and maintain energy levels over sustained periods of time. Fats are your friends, folks! It is time to start adding back these healthy fats into your diet now!