Yoga & Gut Health Workshop

When: Saturday October 12, 2019 2-4PM

Where: YogaV Studio, Grand Junction, CO

Description: I talk a lot about gut health being more of a lifestyle rather than just a diet as stress is just as damaging on the gut than junk food.

Join me for 60-minutes of yoga for gut health flow where we will de-stress and focus on breathing techniques and poses that help support optimal gut health. Directly following our flow, we will have a 60-minute discussion on gut health where I guide you through the fundamentals of the gut and how to support using a food as medicine approach.

See flyer accompanying for all the details and click HERE to sign up!!

Modern Eater Summer Dinner Series

I am super excited to announce that I am a featured chef for Denver's iHeart radio show The Modern Eater's Summer Dinner Series!! I have prepared a delicious farm-to-table 5-course meal designed specifically around GUT HEALTH! I absolutely cannot wait to share this with you! 

When: Tuesday July 23rd 5:30 - 8:30PM MDT


Studio Kitchen Colorado - Home of The Modern Eater Network

490 Decatur Street

Denver, CO 80206

What You Get: 5 courses of gut healthy deliciousness with recipes you will not find anywhere else. My menu is designed to build your digestive enzymes through each course (think ferments) leading up to our main dish (think gut healing) ending with one of my favorite desserts (think probiotics). I've also created some fun and innovative beverages like kombucha cocktails that you are going to LOVE! Plus, everything is farm-to-table style so my menu is as locally sourced as possible. I've teamed up with my friends at Field to Fork in Palisade, CO to bring you some of Colorado's finest organic produce!

Click the link below for more details and to reserve your seat now as space is limited!

Get Your Gut in Gear: Gut Reboot For Spring

On Tuesday May 7th I will be presenting at Alfalfa's Market Boulder 6PM MDT on gut health talking all about the microbiome and the collection of bacteria and fungi in the gut and WHY this is SO important!! Plus, I will be demoing three super simple and delicious recipes! See event for all the details!

Nearly the entire immune system is located in the gut which means learning how to balance the microbiome is essential for optimal health!

  • Learn how bacteria and fungi work together in the gut and what to do when there is an overgrowth of pathogens aka dysbiosis.

  • Discuss biofilms or digestive plaque and why this is problematic for the gut.

  • Learn how to restore balance using food as medicine approach through three simple and delicious recipes:

    -Fennel Apple Sauerkraut Slaw
    -Avocado Kimchi Dip
    -Blended Berry Kombucha

For more information and to sign up for this FREE event, click the button below!

PS: If you're not in Denver, I have good news. My friends at The Modern Eater will be live streaming this event on our Facebook pages so be sure to tune in to my Facebook page HERE!!

No guts, no glory: A conversation with Carley Smith aka the Fairy Gutmother

London friends!! I am super excited to announce I’ll be presenting at High Mood Food on Tuesday December 4th at 6PM!!

Most of you may know, I became interested in health and nutrition after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and using food as medicine emphasizing the gut to heal. I was so empowered in the progress of my healing just based on gut health that I decided to go back to school to become a Nutritional Therapist and GAPS Practitioner in order to spread this information and help others. I truly believe the quote that all disease begins in the gut as it is home to nearly the entire immune system! Join me in London on December 4th at 6PM where I’ll be discussing the fundamentals of gut health: what constitutes and healthy gut, why I call it the gut health “lifestyle”, and what I’ve learned from sequencing my clients’ microbiomes, plus discovering the role bacteria and fungi play in the gut! These are such exciting times in health and wellness, I can’t wait to share this information with you all!! PS: High Mood Food will be serving up some incredibly delicious gut healthy snacks for the event, too!! Can’t wait to try them...I literally dream of their food in my sleep!! Looking forward to seeing you all there! XO

Yoga + Gut Health Workshop (4).jpg

Yoga + Gut Health Workshop

I am super excited to announce I will be teaching a Yoga & Gut Health workshop on Saturday October 20, 2018 at B Yoga in downtown Grand Junction! You all know I am a firm believer that gut health is more than a diet, rather, a LIFESTYLE, as stress and activity level is just as important in supporting a healthy gut.

This two hour workshop begins with a 60-minute yoga class designed to support gut health followed by a 60-minute discussion on gut health where we will sip on bone broth and review what constitutes a healthy gut as well as things you can start including in your daily routine to achieve optimal gut health.

Saturday October 20th 
12PM – 2PM

Self Empowerment Retreat

Self Empowerment Retreat in Moab, Utah

Whispering Oaks ranch in Moab, utah

Whispering Oaks ranch in Moab, utah

I have teamed up with my friend Dr. Nick Sechrist of Elevation Now chiropractic center and founder of the Elevation Principle to bring you a weekend packed with self empowerment and self care. After attending one of Dr. Nick's motivational workshops, I was immediately inspired to work together as I knew our values towards self improvement aligned perfectly. Through his workshops, Dr. Nick helps people find the tools necessary to feel the positive effects of letting go of stress, uncertainty, worry and doubt. He also encourages people to understand the impact on negative self talk and how the power of intention can transform your life. A large part of the 70/30 Plan, my sustainable nutrition plan that helps restore health, focuses on our mind-frame and intentions and if we can learn to control the negative self-talk, we can begin to empower our life. Together, we have put together a weekend retreat in order to help restore health and empower individuals to achieve success and fulfillment. 

WHO: This retreat is geared towards those who are looking to get on purpose with their life by tapping into their unique personal talents in order to bring more balance into their life, releasing feelings of doubt or indecisiveness. It is also designed for those looking to restore their health by learning how to eat healthier with an emphasis on gut health. 

WHEN: Friday February 9, 2018 - Sunday February 11, 2018

cedar bend lodge at whispering oaks ranch

cedar bend lodge at whispering oaks ranch


WHERE: This retreat is located near Moab, Utah at the beautiful Whispering Oaks Ranch in the La Sal Mountains. Please be aware that the retreat is held during the winter months so it is best to be familiar with winter driving conditions. The ranch maintains their roads and driveways during winter months but it is recommended to have a  4-wheel drive and a safety kit in your vehicle. 

ACCOMMODATIONS: We have reserved the Cedar Bend Lodge at Whispering Oaks Ranch, a cozy 6-bedroom and 6-bathroom cabin with 6,000 sq ft of living space. 





hideaway room at cedar bend lodge

hideaway room at cedar bend lodge

  • $1,150 Private Room (bring a friend or spouse for free!)

    • This rate guarantees your own private room with single occupancy or purchase this rate and bring a friend or spouse for no additional charge

  • $650/person Shared Room

    • This rate guarantees your spot in a room shared with another individual. You will still have your own private bathroom that will be shared among the two tenants in the room

Check out more information regarding the accommodations at the Cedar Bend Lodge here. All six spacious bedrooms have their own private attached bathrooms.  


  • Beautiful and luxurious 5-star accommodations in rustic mountain lodge

  • How to set a course and stick to it to Improve your Health

  • The 5 steps to Optimize your ATTRACTIVE Power

  • How to conquer Stress and Redirect Yourself to Success

  • Daily yoga classes

  • All nutrient-dense and homemade, nourishing meals and snacks

  • Nutrition courses detailing how to transition into eating healthier as well as how to support gut health


  • Option for individual one-on-one nutrition consults with Carley ($55 per 50-minute consult)

  • Option for on-site chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Nick

  • Internet is included although is spotty and not guaranteed which can be nice for taking the weekend to really immerse yourself in healing!

  • Transportation (please review directions to the destination HERE)


Make a reservation by calling Elevation Now at (970) 263-9100 or complete the contact form with questions. 

Name *


Self Empowerment Retreat Schedule

Friday February 9, 2018

5PM -- Arrive

6-7PM -- Gentle Restorative Yoga

7PM -- Dinner/How to Set A Course and Stick To It

Have you ever started something new and then either "checked-out" or had a mini-breakdown? During this presentation, Dr. Nick discusses a formula to create breakthrough by reviewing the psychology of change. Rather than punishing ourselves by eliminating something, we work towards adding small changes that are most beneficial first, creating momentum, leaving bad habits in the dust.

Saturday February 10, 2018

7:30-8:30AM-- Morning Yoga

9-10AM -- Breakfast/Nutrition Talk: 70/30 Plan Guide to Eating Healthy

The Fairy Gutmother's 70/30 Plan focuses on 70 percent of the time eating healthier by breaking down our meals, analyzing our diet and lifestyle, and focusing on ONE particular area of your diet to start. This plan educates you on how to slowly transition into sustaining a healthier lifestyle by learning how to meal plan as well as reviews the best foods to incorporate and avoid in order to maintain optimal health.

11-1PM -- 5 Steps to Increase Your Attractive Power

During this talk. Dr. Nick reviews the art of "letting go" by following a simple process that allows us to drop judgement and release emotions. He discusses the relationship triangle that will help participants prioritize their values while becoming more centered on maximizing the most important relationships in their life.

1-2PM -- Lunch/Nutrition Talk: Importance of Meal Planning

Let’s face it: We make our worst nutrition decisions when we are hungry and tired and want something immediately! No need to worry though, we can fix this problem by learning the basics of meal planning. In this class, we will discuss easy and fun ways to plan ahead for meals during the week as well as what types of food to include in your meals so that they’re nutritious and balanced and share some easy planning recipes. Whether you are trying to eat healthy on a budget, cook for your entire family or simply for yourself, meal planning is the key to sustainable health and a critical component of the 70/30 Plan!

2-4PM -- Conquer Stress and Redirect Yourself Towards Success 

Dr. Nick reviews how we get stuck and how to get un-stuck by shifting our focus and perception on what we want rather than all our un-wants.  Our visual sense is the most powerful sense so we will tap into this and create our own personal creation boards. Here, we will dive deep into ways to protect ourselves and build ourselves up to live a more fulfilling and stress-free life.

4-6PM -- Free Time (Option for massage, 1:1 Nutritional Consult or Chiropractic Adjustment)

6PM -7PM -- Dinner/Intro to Bone Broth & Gut Health

Did you know roughly 80% of the immune system is located n the gut? This makes gut health critical in order to maintain optimal health. Dysfunction of the gut has been linked to many autoimmune illnesses as well as seasonal allergies and food intolerances. During this class, we will discuss the significance of gut health; revealing tips for maintaining a healthy gut like as well discussing how to make bone broth, one of the most gut healing and nourishing foods for our body.

7PM-8PM -- Q&A "Safe-Zone" Period with Dr. Nick and Carley

Now's the time to ask any questions whether it be personal or health related in our safe-zone question and answer period. Perhaps you have questions on something you have been working on or questions that have come up throughout the workshops, now is the time to share and discuss! 

Sunday February 11, 2018

7:30-8:30AM-- Morning Yoga

9-10AM -- Breakfast

10AM -- All good things must come to an end, now is time to say our goodbyes! 


Dr. Nick presenting on the elevation principle

Dr. Nick presenting on the elevation principle

Dr. Nick Sechrist is a lifestyle wellness educator, a number one best selling author and a practicing chiropractor.  Since 2003, he has delivered more than 70,000 adjustments to help people heal, function better, and grow stronger.  He speaks regularly and has presented as a keynote speaker along with hundreds of workshops, inspiring his audiences to elevate their businesses, life and health using his leading-edge idea: "The Elevation Principle."



Carley smith aka fairy gutmother

Carley smith aka fairy gutmother

Carley Smith, aka the Fairy Gutmother®, is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP) as well as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She became interested in health and nutrition after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and used food as medicine to help heal. She was so empowered by the progress in her health that she became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified GAPS Practitioner so that she could share her experience and help others feel better, too! Carley developed a nutrition plan called the 70/30 Plan in order to help people transition into eating healthier. She enjoys working with people and sharing her knowledge and experiences in order to help people restore their health. While she is not working with people one on one, she teaches various nutrition classes and cooking demos as well as leads wellness retreats.



My friend YogaByCandace and I are back again with another incredibly healing and nourishing retreat, this time located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Winter Park, Colorado!! This retreat is very near and dear to my heart because for one, it is in my home state of Colorado and I am sourcing as much of our nourishing and nutrient-dense meals as local as possible! But moreover, I am excited to share such a healing retreat in one of the most serene locations. The mountains have been so helpful for me in my healing journey from Lyme disease that I am thrilled to be able to share this environment and all of it's amazing healing benefits with you!

The retreat will be hosted Thurs. October 26, 2017 - Sun. October 29 2017 and will include:

  • All nutrient-dense, nourishing meals from locally sourced businesses made by yours truly ;)

  • Intimate and personalized yoga classes guided by the amazing YogaByCandace

  • Nutrition classes to help guide you on your way to sustainable health

  • Cooking demos that help educate you on how to make simple yet healthy meals as well as an intro to making bone broth

  • Luxury accommodations in a gorgeous mountain home with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains and Continental Divide

  • Option for a healing and relaxing massage as well as herbal facial treatments

  • Option for one-on-one yoga class with Candace and/or nutritional consulting with Carley


This retreat is for everyone, but really designed for the people out there who aren't feeling 100%. Perhaps you're experiencing chronic anxiety or mild depression. Perhaps your digestion has been off for a while and you're not quite sure what to do. Or maybe you are one of those people who has a ton of energy in the morning but by the afternoon you're completely exhausted. Or maybe you're struggling with weight issues. Regardless of what you're going through, all people - yes, all - will benefit from gut healing, so this is truly for everyone, but ultimately we're looking to help those people out there who are feeling less than great.

When and Where

October 26 - 29, 2017 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Winter Park, approximately two hours outside of Denver.

Our venue is a luxury vacation rental home in the mountains. It is absolutely stunning on both the inside and out! The views are incredible, and we are sure you will be comfortable and feel pampered. As this is a vacation rental, we are in close contact with the owner, should anything arise. While this isn't a resort with maid service, this is still a gorgeous venue and makes the perfect landing spot for our family-style wellness retreat. 

Reserve Your Spot NOW!! 

Check out Candace's site for ALL the exciting details and a schedule of events as well as a link to reservations. Looking forward to working with Candace to help guide you to better health! 

Wellness retreat in York, Maine

Wellness retreat in York, Maine

Click HERE for a recap of our Wellness Retreat in York, Maine!