Probiotic Chocolate Milkshake 

This recipe started out as a total experiment! I was curious if I could make homemade yogurt with chocolate milk, because, well, chocolate milk is delicious and if there's any way to make food more gut friendly I will certainly find a way! Turns out, it works! I thought the sugar content in the chocolate milk might be an added catalyst for some pretty tasty yogurt as sugar helps ferment or culture the dairy, creating the beneficial bacteria we commonly refer to as probiotics. 

This is such a super easy recipe to make and such a tasty treat that you don't have to feel guilty about! The fermentation process consumes some of the sugar content of the chocolate milk so it is slightly less sweet and a little tangy...I would compare it to the flavor of fro-yo. When gut health is this tasty, it makes life that much better! 


  1. Prepare yogurt according to the directions on the starter pack. Check out my homemade yogurt recipe HERE. Nothing changes, just add chocolate milk instead of regular. 
  2. When yogurt is ready, add 2C yogurt and about 1C ice to blender. Blend until smooth!