Lemon Chicken Bone Broth

This is my most favorite bone broth to make because it is so light and versatile, it tastes great plain but also is wonderful as a base in making other soups or marinades. I always tell people that are interested in making bone broth to start out with chicken broth as I feel it is the most gentle and easily tolerated broth. Plus, I think there is something so nourishing about a chicken broth, it warms the soul from the inside out so you almost instantly feel the healing benefits. I love adding a little lemon to the broth as well because I think it makes it lighter and more flavorful, making it also easier to sip on throughout the day. 

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Bone Broth Cooking Demo Part 1: Here, I discuss the types of bones to use in a nourishing broth and the health benefits of each so that you can determine the right broth for you.

Bone Broth Cooking Demo Part 2: Discover how to make a nourishing and nutrient-dense bone broth with my simple 4-step process.


  1. Place the chicken in a slow cooker and cover with sliced lemons and lemon zest. Add filtered water until it reaches about 2 inches from top of slow cooker.

  2. Set slow cooker on low for 24 hours. After about 4 hours, the chicken should be cooked (depending on slow cooker). Once chicken is cooked, take chicken out and set aside to cool.

  3. Peel chicken off the bone and set meat aside. Return bones and skin to slow cooker and let it cook for the remaining time.

  4. After 24 hours, strain the broth into glass storage containers or serve immediately. You can also add sea salt to taste or any other herbs and spices that you'd like.